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Make games. We will do the marketing. Analytics, White Paper, target audience. Marketing budget, ads purchase. Any marketing assets, video clips for Steam. All you need for going to Steam Early Access! CIS specific features included!


Make games. We will make sure that everyone knows about them.

Print media, hands-on, exhibition shows, communication with bloggers, special events. Close co-op with CIS gaming media included!


Make games. We will communicate and "fire up" the audience.
We will present the game on CIS social networks, create and organize groups, gather live and interested audience in Russia or abroad. SMM for CIS audience is our specialty!


Make games. We will help you.
Evaluation, producing and design services, monetization, offers, etc.
In co-operation with ARPU.GURU


Reach out to the Russian-speaking audience!

Game localization into Russian is our specialty. We know how the Russian players think. We know how the CIS market works. We know video games inside-out. And we’re on your budget!
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The CIS game market is quite specific and we are on to it. The Russian social media audience is the thing in itself, and we got it covered. We are the only CIS specialized agency with a great experience.
We’ve been working in CIS games and marketing industries for more than 10 years, our specialization is indie studios, released on the Steam platform. We know everything about CIS audience and players or almost everything. We will provide you with two important documents:


1. Your Game’s brand passport, or White Paper. This is a real marketing document that gives a complete understanding of the project, containing market analytics and a description of the target audience, relevant for CIS gamers. This is the basis for the development of your game and the key to its success on the market. Later, the description of the game from the brand passport can be given to any partner, journalist or blogger, and he will receive and reproduce in his own words all the material without any actual errors.


2. A detailed media plan for working with the Russian media, bloggers’ posts, accessing Steam and CIS social networks.
The plan contains dates, site names, format descriptions and group strategies in each of the social networks, posts content, as well as an "approximate" understanding of the effectiveness of this or that particular site.* Not only we will give you a plan, but we work closely with best of Russian game media titles, so consider you covered. Completely.

We are always ready to consult indie developers for free to enhance the efficiency of their Steam sales. We have experience working with small and ultra-small budgets,  which are typical for indie projects.

* The degree of "approximation" depends on the perception of your game by the players; 100% result can only be achieved by one more Mass Effect (and, as Andromeda has showed, it’s not possible)



Fantastic offer for all game developers; a game design and monetisation interdimensional trip with ARPU.GURU.

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